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The RoboBull Trading Bot is a fully automated trading bot which analyzes real-time stock market data with a variety of technical indicators.

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We're dedicated to lowering the barriers to entry in building automated trading bots.

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Open Source, Automated Trading Bot

An open source, low-code way to test technical indicators with market trading data.

Community Edition

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Top Performing Stocks Every 10-minutes

We've integrated our Stock Screener into our trading bot to provide market analyses and top performing stocks.

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Coming Soon - Signals

We believe in democratized trading through the Blockchain in order to deliver community-driven signal data and market analysis.

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Building a Trading Bot was harder than I thought

Just over 6 months later after obsessing over countless technical indicators, weighted thresholds, coding patterns, trading providers, minute vs. hour aggregates, back testing, stock pickers (screeners), and data modeling, my trading bot is finally ready to release into the wild.

, by Mike@RoboBull